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BICSc releases long-awaited industry publication

26 November 2020

AT A time when cleaning and hygiene remains a top agenda item, The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) has released a new publication aptly named ‘Standards & Best Practice’.

Contents in the new publication include:

  • BICSc recommended colour-coding
  • The Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite explained
  • ‘BICSc Outcome Criteria’ offers an effective and efficient way of measuring cleanliness and what is and isn’t acceptable
  • ‘BICSc Compound Productivity Rates’ provide a standardised figure for calculating time needed to complete a cleaning operation.

Standards across all professional disciplines originate from the knowledge and experience of industry experts. Often, they are used as a proficiency tested by examination through education or training. BICSc Standards & Best Practice is a means to simplify an agreed way of delivering cleaning methodology.

Many dimensions exist within the professional cleaning and hygiene world. This publication is designed to offer a wealth of knowledge and it explains how the BICSc ethos and principles of cleaning can be adapted to suit a professional cleaning company.

Corporate and accredited training members are offered online access to the publication free of charge to BICSc members, while non-members can purchase BICSc Standards & Best Practice in hard copy from the online shop.

For more information visit www.bics.org.uk