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Celebrating the heroes of commercial recycling

19 August 2021

RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL Products (RCP) has launched Love Recycling Heroes, a new initiative that celebrates the heroes of commercial recycling across Europe, part of the continuing expansion of the Love Recycling programme.

The Heroes initiative allows businesses to nominate the individuals within their organisation that create commercial recycling success.

Nominations can be submitted via LoveRecycling.com 

Businesses that nominate staff members have a way to show their respect and appreciation for colleagues while demonstrating to their customer audience that they take recycling and sustainability seriously. That they have effective and dedicated staff who make it happen. Everyone that gets nominated will receive a digital certificate that confirms their heroic status which can be shared on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

From these heroes, an independent sustainability panel will select 50 for the Paper (3rd), Metal (2nd) and Glass (1st) Awards representing the best that European commercial recycling has to offer. 

Announced during Recycle Week in September 2021, they will comprise 45 Paper Heroes, 3 Metal Heroes and 2 Glass Heroes. During Recycle Week, RCP will create a platform to hear directly from these Heroes, not only their successes, but also the challenges they have faced, solutions they’ve created and a look ahead at what still needs to be overcome.

Paul Jakeway, head of marketing – EMEA at RCP said: “At RCP, the continuing development and expansion of Love Recycling is something that’s very important to what we do. We’ve always embraced long-life, durable products as a way to create cost-effective sustainability for our customers and now we can give businesses the chance to recognise those within their organisations that are leading the way to a better planet for us all.”

“In our Love Recycling manifesto earlier this year, we committed to '…identify and acknowledge the best that commercial recycling has to offer. The individuals that lead the way...' This initiative is how we will highlight those individuals, how we will hear about their efforts and experiences and show our appreciation for what they do.

“Every day, individuals in businesses across Europe and the world are making changes that benefit us all, potentially having the greatest effect in countries far from their own, on people they may never meet. But because of that everyday nature, it’s sometimes hard to appreciate quite how impressive the collected actions of these heroes can be.

“Love Recycling Heroes is a way to understand more of what they do and to acknowledge them. Alongside that, we’ll also be supporting our 2021 Heroes groups with some gifts to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. They’ll all receive a printed certificate and desktop mini-Brute to enliven their workspace, in addition the Metal Heroes will receive a Got Bag and Bottle bundle, and on top of that our two Glass Heroes will be given £/€500 for the sustainability charity of their choice.

“We’re looking forward to seeing all the nominations that come in and hearing the stories of all the commercial recycling heroes out there!”  

Who are the heroes in your organisation? Who deserves kudos for their sustainability efforts? Which of your colleagues goes that extra mile to make your business sustainable? 

Nominations for the 2021 Love Recycling Heroes will be open until 30 August 2021 and can be made via loverecycling.com