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Government can do more on plastic, says Labour MP

11 April 2018

Further to the launch of its packaging made from 100% recycled plastic waste and applied across all its sustainable (all-natural) cleaning chemical products, British brand, Delphis Eco welcomed Alex Sobel MP for Leeds North West to its offices recently to show him the innovation first hand and discuss how Government and its associated advisory committees could do more to drive early adoption of recycled plastic waste across all consumer packaging.

Commenting on the initiative which is set to change the face of how manufacturers approach and produce their packaging, Mr Sobel said that what Delphis Eco has achieved in launching food grade packaging made from 100% recycled milk bottles, is a prime example of how British innovation is leading in terms of environmental safety and responsibility. 

He said: “Both Government and business have a big responsibility when it comes to how food and FMCG products are packaged. Here we have a British company that is not only producing cleaning chemicals that are highly effective without the inclusion of toxic ingredients but also packaging those products in a way that is responsible, sustainable and progressive.”

“The company holds two Royal Warrants for good reason – and I will be using my position on Environmental Audit Committee to raise awareness and pressure the Government to take action to bring manufacturers and producers into line with higher environmental standards. As a Labour and Co-operative MP, I will be pushing for products like that of Delphic Eco to be stocked in Co-operative stores.”

CEO for Delphis Eco, Mark Jankovich believes the UK is about to undergo a paradigm shift both in the use of toxic and potentially harmful chemicals across work and home, and in how products are packaged:

“The technology exists to recycle plastic waste and make food grade quality packaging.  The sooner consumers expect and demand their favourite brands to adopt best quality, the better.”

“Consumer awareness is increasing alongside media exposure to ocean plastic and the associated damage to marine life and the environment.  We welcome Mr Sobel’s visit and any assistance he is able to provide in putting pressure on Government and businesses to do more and encourage them to ‘walk the walk’ on what is an exciting and increasingly important journey in how we use and re-purpose single life plastics.”