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Modular dispenser

21 February 2018

Public washrooms are extremely busy areas, making anything that is touched regularly such as soap dispensers a hot spot for germs and bacteria.

With this in mind, the demand for products that reduce common contact points is increasing to prevent cross-contamination between users.

Brightwell Dispensers has released the new Modular Touch Free soap dispenser. The unit dispenses soap without the user needing to touch the dispenser. This removes a common contact point where germs and bacteria can transfer from user to user. The unit dispenses up to 1ml of liquid and 0.5 ml of foam, making it a cost-effective solution.

Benefits of the Modular Touch Free soap dispenser:

  • Ensures high hand hygiene – users can dispense soap without touching the dispenser
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Pumps and containers are interchangeable, making it versatile and adaptable to you and your customers’ needs
  • Dispenses up to 1 ml of liquid and 0.5ml of foam, meaning less wastage and makes refills last longer
  • The refillable reservoir holds 1.2 L of liquid soap, allowing users to fully stock the dispenser
  • Extensive in-house lab testing resulting in longer-lasting battery life.

The Touch Free soap dispenser can also be customised to suit corporate colours and branding with different colour windows and logo printing, making the dispenser unique to the Cleenol brand.