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Floor machine gains approval

22 September 2017

Slips, trips and falls are a major cause of injuries in the workplace and cause many accidents every year. The correct choice of safety flooring is vitally important.

Spilt substances such as water, oil and grease can easily create a slip hazard and should be cleaned up immediately in order to reduce this risk. It is important to remember that a clean floor is a safe floor and to always follow the floor care guidance offered by your chosen flooring manufacturer. Although safety flooring can be amongst the most demanding types of flooring to clean and maintain, Altro is said to provide one of the best solutions when it comes to slip-resistant safety flooring where the risk of slips and trips must be minimised. 

Duplex Cleaning Machines supply commercial high-performance cleaning machines, recognised and trusted throughout the UK and globally and are dedicated to ensuring that their machines provide advanced cleaning solutions. Until recently Altro had not approved any particular make of cleaning machine to clean their specialist flooring but after testing the Duplex machine they approved the Duplex Steam models for cleaning and maintaining Altro slip-resistant floor coverings without the need for chemicals.