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UK launch of TomCat's aqueous ozone system

21 February 2017

The TomCat Edge system has long been known for its ability to provide deep cleaning, without detergents thanks to the power of oscillation. This year sees another practical innovation that takes it to the next level: ZERO3. ZERO3 utilises aqueous ozone, a 100% natural, safe and effective cleaner and sanitizer.

Aqueous ozone can reduce or eliminate pollution, packaging, transportation and chemical miles, while delivering better and less expensive cleaning results.

It is chemical free and reduces energy use, smog, oil consumption and greenhouse gases. While cleaning naturally and providing better sustainability for the environment.

What’s innovative about TomCat's aqueous ozone system? The system has now been incorporated into the range of floor scrubber driers from Elan Sales allowing for aqueous ozone to be generated on-demand with no degradation in the product or performance.

Not only will this sanitize the floor surface but the same benefits apply to the cleaning head, suction apparatus and waste water tanks on the Edge cleaning machines, helping to prevent cross contamination and undesirable odours normally associated with floor cleaning equipment.

The UK launch will be exclusive to this year’s Cleaning Show at ExCeL. Come along to the stand to find out more details, see the equipment and find out how this system can provide you with true cost in use benefits.

Stand C32