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Citrus hand cleaner

14 December 2016

LOCTITE 7850 hand cleaner from Henkel contains no petroleum solvents yet remains one of the best methods of removing dirt, grime and other industrial products, according to the company. 

The latest generation of this natural hand cleaner is no less effective yet it is believed to be one of only a few products on the market that is certified to conform to European Cosmetics Regulations. This is an internationally recognised regime which reinforces products safety in line with latest technological developments.

Users can be assured that ingredients used in the formulation of LOCTITE 7850 are sufficiently kind to the skin to be used in the cosmetic industry but they remain highly effective in the workshop and factory environment. 

The magic ingredient in LOCTITE 7850 is d-Limonene, a solvent extracted from oranges. As a result, the product has a fresh citrus scent and contains no artificial fragrance. 

The other main constituents of LOCTITE 7850 are aloe vera, lanolin and jojoba oil for skin conditioning. It cleans without water and can therefore be used at the site of the job, no visit to the washroom is necessary; a paper towel easily removes the excess along with the dirt.

LOCTITE 7850 is effective at removing a wide variety of products used in production and for repair such as grease, inks, paint, gasketing cements, epoxies and glues. It is available in three sizes – a 400 ml squeezable bottle, a 3 litre pump-action dispenser and a 10 litre container for filling and topping-up wall mounted dispensers.

Henkel has 10 x 400 ml bottles to giveaway, RRP £8.81. Readers are invited to apply by sending an email to: henkel-adhesives.uk@henkel.com by 6th February 2017.