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Look on the bright side

07 March 2013

Brightwell Dispensers has introduced its all-new BrightLogic range of laundry dosing equipment

Brightwell Dispensers has introduced its all-new BrightLogic range of laundry dosing equipment

The smart BrightLogic automatic dosing system is easy to install and use, highly durable and technically advanced.The flexible and modular BrightLogic system is suitable for all sizes of machine from small OPL commercial washers to tunnel systems.

The Standard version is designed for all machines up to 35kg capacity, with the Highflow suitable for larger machines up to 100kg or more.The system can be programmed for up to 20 programmes and is equally suitable for 'nonintelligent', clock, mechanical, card reader or PLC controlled machines.

Its accurate dosing of chemicals allows laundries to produce consistent results and precisely calculate the cost per wash.

A new illuminated display panel and easy-to-navigate touchpad make BrightLogic systems even quicker and easier to install. A further new feature allows units to be programmed using a notebook computer and a wireless dongle for fast and efficient maintenance.A diagnostic on-screen test mode also allows engineers to pinpoint any problems quickly and easily. Brightwell also offers free programming software, training and technical support.

The system features the new BrightChem tubing which has been successfully tested for more than 12 months using a wide range of laundry chemicals says the company. Brightwell is so confident the new tubing is more durable than any previously, that it offers a free of charge compatibility testing service for customers.

Brightwell's pump technology has also been radically overhauled for the BrightLogic, helping to further extend tube life.An easy-change quick-release retaining clip replaces the pumphead capsule and brushless motors assure minimal maintenance.The patented reversible gearbox enables two products to be supplied using just one motor, keeping costs low and use of space to a minimum.

Three manifold outputs and integral safety stops prevent cross contamination of alkaline, acid and neutral chemicals.An alarm will also sound if no water is present, although this can be snoozed for up to 30 minutes, if required.All units are independently CE approved and comply with RoHS and WEEE regulations.