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Accurate dilution of chemical concentrates

12 September 2016

Brightwell Dispensers, the independent designer and manufacturer of soap, paper and chemical dosing and dilution systems for the hygiene industry, has recently launched its ECOMULTI chemical dilution system.

This is a reliable and cost-effective system to dilute multiple chemical concentrates from one dispenser. The flexible design of the ECOMULTI makes this one-stop cleaning station a suitable solution for even the smallest environments.

Belonging to the ECO RANGE of chemical dosing and dilution equipment, the ECOMULTI has been designed with Brightwell Dispensers’ patented dilution pin technology. The wheel design eliminates the need for metering tips, enabling installers to select up to thirteen independent dilution ratios per chemical inlet. This proportioner comes with an intuitive four dial product selector to avoid chemical selection error and is available in low-flow and high-flow versions.

An extensive range of multi-lingual, colour-coded chemical pictograms, to promote the correct selection of cleaning chemicals, is included with each unit. Brightwell Dispensers offers a wide range of accessories for the ECOMULTI including lockable chemical cabinets, hanging brackets and coloured unit rings and chemical cabinet rings. Brightwell Dispensers has also now launched its Quantura dishwash dosing systems range and DrainWatch, its new drain dosing system.