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A bright future for dosing

07 March 2013

Brightwell has expanded its BrightLogic Electronic Dosing System with new accessories

Brightwell has expanded its BrightLogic Electronic Dosing System with new accessories

Brightwell Dispensers has launched a comprehensive range of new accessories for its BrightLogic dishwash and laundry dosing equipment.

The flexible and modular BrightLogic system is suitable for everything from small dishwash and laundry operations to large industrial sites.Accurate dosing of chemicals allows the end user to produce consistent results and precisely calculate the cost per wash.

For dishwasher dosing applications the BrightLogic range now includes two new conductivity probes for automatically and continuously measuring solution concentration.The inductive conductivity probe offers ultra-precise measurements while the capacitive conductivity probe is rugged and low cost, but requires periodic cleaning to maintain sensor accuracy.

New accessories in the BrightLogic laundry dosing range include a 10 pump control system, suction and flush manifolds, a 10-channel chemical low level alarm and a chemical suction wand.The laundry dosing system can be programmed for use on any washing machine for up to 20 programmes. BrightLogic laundry dosing units can be programmed using a notebook computer and a wireless dongle for fast and efficient maintenance.

The snoozable chemical low level alarm sounds and shows a red light warning when a container will soon need refilling.This ensures there is always chemical in the drum so that washing machines continue to function properly.

The chemical suction wand can be used to feed up to three different dosing systems from one single container, helping to save space.

Brightwell also offers a full range of installation kits and spare parts for the BrightLogic range.The new BrightChem tubing can be specified with a wide range of pre-fitted connectors and either barbed or straight coupling. BrightChem tubing has been successfully tested for more than 18 months and Brightwell offers a free chemical compatibility testing service for customers.