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Wet cleaning offers versatility

16 May 2016

Established in 1897 and based in Nottingham, National Dry Cleaners has an established reputation for high quality cleaning and outstanding customer service.

Led today by Adrian Redgate, the great grandson of founder Henry Redgate, it remains a family business. The company has an excellent working relationship with some of Nottingham’s top fashion and bridal brands as well as retail outlets. Leading fashion guru Paul Smith is among National Dry Cleaners' well-known customers.

The company, a leader in adopting new solutions, recently purchased a Wet Cleaning Ready Girbau HS-6017 INTELI washer. It uses this machine for wet cleaning and laundry work along with suede and leather cleaning, ensuring maximum versatility and productivity. The firm also purchased a Girbau HS-6023 washer, which it uses for flatwork like sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers, as well as for the added convenience for duvet washing.

Adrian Redgate, director at National Dry Cleaners, said: "We chose Girbau for the high build quality and reliability of their machines, combined with the very good price. The controllability, especially of the INTELI machine was also a factor. They are easy to programme and making adjustments is easy too. We’ve developed a number of variations of the wet clean programs for the different materials we process.”

National Dry Cleaners also has the steam-heated version of the Girbau Pro Series II dryer GU050 with the moisture control settings for drying of wet cleaned items.