Low-linting cleaning cloth

30 April 2015

Tork manufacturer SCA has launched an extremely low-linting cleaning cloth that is suitable for use in the food manufacturing, electronics and automotive industries.

Made from 100% polypropylene, Tork Industrial Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth is also anti-static, which means that it is suitable for use in Electrostatic Protective Areas.

"In delicate environments you need professional results and lint needs to be avoided when cleaning and preparing a surface," SCA product manager Rachel Thompson said. "Tork Industrial Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth has been purpose-designed for use on sensitive surfaces and in industrial environments where linting must be kept to an absolute minimum."

Tork Industrial Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth is designed to be used in conjunction with the Tork Folded Cloth Dispenser. This helps to reduce consumption by giving out one sheet at a time. The dispenser can be supplied with a choice of screws, magnets or suction cups which means it can be fastened to any type of wall surface including wood, breezeblock, metal and tiles.

"We already offered a low-linting product in our portfolio - Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth," Rachel continued. "This is a strong, flexible, multipurpose product that works well with most detergents and disinfectants. It can be used for most tasks where a low-linting product is required – but Tork Industrial Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth is the product to use for the most delicate of tasks."