Face masks added to portfolio

30 June 2021

TORK MANUFACTURER Essity has boosted its health, hygiene and hygiene portfolio with the addition of two new face masks.

Tork Protective Type IIR Face Masks and Tork Medical Type IIR Face Masks have been launched to help businesses in all sectors meet higher hygiene expectations.

Both masks adhere to the EN 14683:2019 standard and are designed to reduce the risk of spreading infection from the wearer to other people. 

“Recent studies show that the public has higher expectations of hygiene standards in public spaces than they did before the pandemic,” said Tork senior product manager Stephen Wright. “According to our research, 77% of people now have higher expectations of hospital hygiene while 60% expect to see enhanced measures in place in restaurants.

“We have therefore launched these two high-quality masks to complement our already diverse range of health and hygiene products.”

Tork Protective Type II Face Masks are available in personal packs of 10 for easy distribution to employees.

Tork Medical Type IIR Face Masks come with a choice of ear loop or headband application styles and are splash-resistant. They are compatible with H2 and H3 Tork dispensers for single-mask dispensing or can be dispensed in individual boxes with perforated lids. 

“Face masks will remain a part of daily life as businesses around the world re-open their doors and scale up their operations,” said Stephen. “In manufacturing plants with a high concentration of employees, illness transmission can result in production shutdowns. 

“Masks will also remain important in the hospitality industry where hygiene compliance builds customer trust. And in healthcare environments where medical, cleaning and administrative staff are often on the front line, precautionary measures are critical to ensure high levels of infection control and quality of care.”

He stressed the importance of combining hand hygiene with mask-wearing. “Mask-wearers should wash or sanitise their hands thoroughly before and after their use,” he said.