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i-Clean joins EHRC Taskforce

07 April 2015

i-Clean Systems Ltd, the independent best practice benchmarking specialist that has reviewed the practices of over 200 cleaning providers across 5000+ buildings, has joined the Equality and Human Rights Commission responsible procurement taskforce to share knowledge on best practice and responsible procurement in the cleaning industry.

Following on from the Invisible Workforce report of August 2014, which highlighted the need for cleaning firms to protect the rights of workers and establish more responsible procurement practices, i-Clean has pledged to support the final recommendations by implementing them into its review process to help push measures forward and embed them into practice.

Lord Digby Jones, former Commissioner for Racial Equality and advisor to i-Clean, commented: "As a champion for responsible business and fair treatment in the workplace I am encouraged about the benefits this partnership will bring, from increased awareness in the industry to practical support for clients and providers to ensure they are fulfilling their duties."

Equality and Human Rights Commissioner Caroline Waters said: "We are pleased to welcome i-Clean as members of our cleaning taskforce. Their extensive knowledge of procurement practices will be a great asset and help us drive forward improvements across the cleaning industry when we make our final recommendations."