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Battery power saves the day

07 March 2013

The new addition to the Truvox range of battery powered scrubber driers is said to be making a big impression on cleaning companies with daytime contracts because it easily enables them to carry out their work without creating hazards

The new addition to the Truvox range of battery powered scrubber driers is said to be making a big impression on cleaning companies with daytime contracts because it easily enables them to carry out their work without creating hazards

Ascrubber drier for small or medium sized areas, the Orbis Battery Scrubber has a 17 litre solution tank with adjustable solution flow and a 22-litre recovery tank so is therefore capable of longer continuous spells of work than other competitive compact machines.

It will be particularly useful for the growing daytime cleaning market, for obvious health and safety reasons, and to contract cleaners because the battery power frees them from the need to gain access to power points to be able to do their work.

Asked why Truvox had created this machine for the market, Gordon McVean, Sales and marketing director of Truvox International, explained that the company had identified the expanding daytime cleaning market as one it should serve more fully.

"We already had the successful Orbis UHS Cordless Burnisher to provide daytime cleaners with a battery-powered ultra high speed rotary burnisher that finishes highly polished floors brilliantly" he explained. "What was needed was a complementary battery-powered compact scrubber drier, so that the whole job could be done without trailing leads." He emphasised that the Orbis Battery Scrubber Drier has a 6.25% larger tank capacity than its principal competitor and also shares the tried and tested Truvox single-disc handle, so that the new machine shares common parts with other machines in the Orbis range.

Easier to empty The drain hose situated at the rear of the machine makes emptying the recovery tank a simple, efficient and clean operation. Supplied with two 28 A/h batteries as standard, typical battery run time is about 1 hour 20 minutes, and additional batteries can be supplied on request. The batteries can be quickly and easily changed, so contract cleaners who purchase additional gel batteries can work more or less continuously with a brief break of about five minutes for a change of battery every hour.

Easy to transport, load into lifts and store, the Orbis Battery Scrubber is great for cleaning where there are tricky corners and narrow passages to negotiate. It has a compact folding handle, a 38cm working width, and a 45cm suction width with 658 m/bar suction, so does a powerful job. Quieter than larger scrubber driers, with a 250W brush motor driving the brush at 130 rpm, it is ideal for shops, restaurants, car showrooms, healthcare premises, schools, workshops and gymnasiums.The Orbis Battery Scrubber is designed to clean at a rate of up to 1,100 square metres per hour.

The aluminium brush assembly and robust plastic suction beam are corrosion-free, and are quickly and easily removed to change the brush ? there are only two easily accessed fixing pegs. The brush itself is wider than the body of the Orbis Scrubber Drier, so effectively cleans along the skirtings and around obstacles.When the machine turns, the swinging suction beam continues to provide excellent drying, so that there is no need to take two runs over areas where the scrubber drier was turned.

High-speed productivity In schools, colleges and other educational establishments nationwide, the Truvox Multiwash washes,mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor coverings in a single pass and leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes ? an essential capability for health and safety compliance. Staffordshire County Council alone has bought hundreds of Multiwash scrubber driers, and has found the design extremely effective on 'difficult' floors like nonslip safety floors, low pile carpets, entrance matting and escalators.

Easy to use and manoeuvre, the Multiwash has quickly interchangeable brushes,with a range of different brushes available, and easily accessible and removable tanks to make filling, emptying and cleaning straightforward.

Proven over more than a decade for cleaning food service areas, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and retail stores, the Multiwash is available in three different cleaning widths ? 24cm, 34cm and 44cm. The larger models are available with a pump and spray if required, making them better for cleaning carpets or larger floor areas.