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Kärcher UK launches SG 4/2 Classic steam cleaner

31 August 2022

THE NEWEST steam cleaner from Kärcher UK is the SG 4/2.

The compact and easy to use steam cleaner features a water tank, steam generator and storage space for accessories, all housed in a unique all-in-one box design. Its practical casing ensures it is a flexible solution for use in different locations, for instance to clean kitchens or toilet facilities, or in supermarkets and shops, to clean counters and displays.

The easy-to-transport, shock-resistant case, weighs just 7.5 kilograms and features extra storage space for accessories, ensuring the SG 4/2 Classic is ready-to-go when it is needed. The intuitively designed control panel makes the steam cleaner easy to use, with 4 bar steam pressure available within just 3 minutes. The built-in VapoHydro function supports those looking to move towards detergent free cleaning as it flushes stubborn dirt away with hot water for efficient results.

The SG 4/2 comes with a built-in water tank that holds two litres of water. One and a half litres of fresh water are fed to the half-litre capacity boiler via a pump, as needed. In just a few simple steps – and without having to wait for the boiler to cool down – the freshwater tank can be refilled for uninterrupted cleaning.

For extra flexibility, the steam cleaner case has a convenient carrying handle and there are also castors on the base of the machine, making it easier to move between locations. The two storage nets on the outer sides of the steam cleaner case are ideal for storing the power cable and any wet cleaning equipment after use. Thanks to its compact proportions and angular form, similar to a toolbox, the SG 4/2 Classic can be stored away neatly and conveniently in small spaces.

The accessories include a steam scraper and a flat brush, as well as other cleaning tools, such as a point jet nozzle or hand nozzle and a microfibre cleaning cloth. The attachments can be used to clean hard-wearing surfaces such as tiles or steel, as well as delicate materials such as ceramic or glass. The steam cleaner also comes with RM 511 decalcifying agent for initial treatment of the steam cleaner.

The SG 4/2 Classic is compatible with a wide range of other specialist accessories, such as the floor nozzle with slats or the textile care nozzle, making it a truly versatile solution.

For more information visit Kärcher.co.uk