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Five reasons modern scheduling software is essential for window cleaners

24 May 2016

Window cleaning businesses face the challenge of organising a high volume of repeat work around a variety of different schedules - not an easy task for most businesses. Whilst forms of scheduling software have been available for some time, modern cloud-based window cleaning software has taken what’s available to assist window cleaners to a new level. Cleaner Planner takes a look at five reasons modern scheduling software is essential for window cleaning businesses of all sizes:

Automate your schedule

Scheduling anything from a few hundred to a few thousand customers, each with their own individual schedule, can be complex. Modern software automates this process, making sure everything is completed when it should be and virtually eliminating the risk of mistakes. 

Go mobile and paperless

Modern software like Cleaner Planner has a mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, that window cleaners can work from and update on the move. This makes going paperless a reality, and as everything is updated in real-time, drastically reduces admin time. Being cloud-based, the software is also accessible from anywhere and any device with an internet connection, making remotely managing work a possibility when required.

Coordinate your team

Unlike older, desktop-based applications for window cleaners, modern window cleaning software can support multiple users, meaning it’s possible to remotely organise and assign work to your staff. Multiple staff members can access the software at the same time, and it’s possible to control what information each user sees and has access to. 

Take control of your payments

Window cleaners also get access to integrations with GoCardless and Stripe, allowing them to not only offer convenient payment methods to their clients, but also take control of their payments. Cleaner Planner integrates with GoCardless, making it possible to bulk-process direct debit payments as and when the work is completed, eliminating the need to request and chase for payment.

Keep customers in the loop

Additional features include bulk text and email messaging, streamlining and centralising communication with clients into the same platform. From notification and debt reminder texts to promotional emails, these features provide a professional and time-saving alternative to manual methods. 

Secure your data

Modern window cleaning software is a far safer alternative to paper-based records or data stored on a local machine. Data is stored securely in the cloud, and in the case of Cleaner Planner, backed up hourly - plus users also have the option to take their own backup. As a result, data is safe from loss or technical failure.

These benefits, along with several others, are the reason why it has become essential for forward-thinking and ambitious window cleaning businesses to modernise the way they manage their business and utilise dedicated window cleaning software.

Written by window cleaning software provider Cleaner Planner