When opportunity knocks

07 March 2013

Connect Hygiene believes that the best way to improve hand hygiene is to provide washrooms that fit the bill every time

Connect Hygiene believes that the best way to improve hand hygiene is to provide washrooms that fit the bill every time

Arecent study concerning hand hygiene showed that only 9% of first year medical students who were sitting their exams complied with proper hygiene standards, says Connect Hygiene.

So what does that tell us? Well firstly that 91% of medical students don't wash and dry their hands properly, secondly, that something that might be expected to be wholly ingrained into the DNA of medical students isn't, at least not in a stress situation, and thirdly, that given they are in a high hygiene awareness group, the problem of hand hygiene in hospitals is likely to be both widespread and on-going.

When people are busy, they get stressed and when the matter could be one of life and death, it is understandable if a seemingly minor thing such as washing and drying hands loses its priority. So what can be done to help? Clearly education is not the problem in this situation, these are trained, professional personnel. However, the provision of clean, well maintained washrooms is going to help all users to more thoroughly wash their hands. By making the washroom a well ordered, well designed and pleasing environment to use, a meaningful contribution to hand hygiene is being made.

Connect Hygiene Products' 'Leonardo' range of dispensers is designed to do just that, says Jonathan Hooper, MD, (pictured). The dispensers can be fitted quickly and easily, allowing the opportunity to maximise the facility as appropriate. Where the very highest hygiene standards are required, the touchless dispensers deliver the answer, in less critical situations the standard lever operated dispensers meet the needs. All are easily maintained and monitored.

Planning the most efficient and cost effective solution requires a partnership between suppliers and end users. 'Connect has, working with other intermediaries, become expert in delivering efficient dispensing systems that have won the approval of major hospital trusts', says the company.

Leonardo dispensing systems are a part of the hygiene control regime of several hospitals including large, centralised sites such as Darent Valley near the Bluewater development and the James Cook University Hospital at Middlesbrough. Meeting exacting cost in use targets and not comprising on hygiene standards is individual to each site and the Leonardo range has proven to be more than capable of meeting the challenge.

Hand hygiene standards are essential to good bacterial control. It is neither possible nor profitable to try to browbeat hospital workers into thoroughly washing and drying their hands on every occasion, but it is possible to give them every opportunity to do so - even when they are sitting exams. Call the company for more details.