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Truvox Intl machines accelerate growth of Manchester cleaning company

12 January 2023

GREATER MANCHESTER based Niz Cleaning Solutions is a small cleaning business providing office cleaning, end-of-tenancy and domestic deep cleaning plus specialist cleaning services in difficult environments such as automotive detailing.

Established just four years ago by entrepreneur Nizam Patel, the business has grown rapidly. We talk to 21-year-old Nizam about how he has achieved such quick success.

“I’ve worked in the cleaning industry since I was 16, when I was still in full-time education,” says Nizam Patel. “My first experience of a Truvox Multiwash™ machine was as a cleaning operative at a shopping centre, and I remember it did such a great job, particularly in the washrooms.

“When I was 17, I decided to start my own cleaning business, focusing on house cleaning. I quickly realised that these homeowners also had businesses and my clients were so pleased with what I achieved in their homes, they asked me to do the same at their offices. From one-off cleans came repeat business and recommendations, and the whole thing just took off. 

“I’ve got this far without any inward investment. The business has grown organically and I’ve had to purchase everything I use. That’s one of the reasons we use Truvox machines, as they’re cost effective and reliable. We also like the fact that there’s always someone at the end of the phone to help you if you've got an issue.”

Ease of use and reliability

“By definition, as we’re only four years into our development, we don’t have much money or time, so we need to adopt only machines that are easy to use and above all reliable. That’s where Truvox comes in. The VTVe compact tub vacuum and the Multiwash scrubber dryer help our business achieve the high standards of cleaning our customers expect, and with machines to suit every cleaning need for the commercial cleaning sector, Truvox International isn’t just a supplier, it’s a partner. 

“I will say without hesitation that the VTVe from Truvox International is the best tub vacuum out there. We’ve had this machine on one of our sites for over a year now and it still works as good as new. It is so well designed – small, compact, yet powerful, and the filtration is excellent. It consistently delivers a fantastic cleaning performance, considerably better than other tub vacuum cleaners we have tried. It is also quite quiet, so can easily be used during office hours.

“Using the Multiwash is better than using a buffer and easier than a mop and bucket. When we use these machines, we know we will leave premises better than we found them, every time. And I can say from experience that it’s not all about having the latest model. You can pull an old Multiwash out of a cupboard and know that it’ll work like new.”

Sustainable solutions

“There’s a clear shift to clients wanting to know more about sustainability and they are keen to hear about more eco-friendly solutions. The Multiwash uses so little water that we can use very little chemical to achieve great results, and where we can, we recommend cleaning solutions made from natural products. 

“We have regular client review meetings and I take a proactive approach in showing them anything new and better that I have found on the market. It’s all about creating partnerships to find the best solutions.”

Instagram influencer 

“My generation lives off social media, and I’m proud to already be seen as an influencer on Instagram. People seem genuinely interested in my experiences and recommendations, so I don’t hesitate to share the fact that using certain products – such as machines from Truvox International – not only ensures Niz Cleaning Solutions delivers consistently excellent results, but has also helped my business grow.”

Nizam has ambitions plans which include employing up to 25 staff including a cleaning supervisor, as well as building up the commercial office cleaning and specialist services for automotive body shops.

For more information visit www.truvox.com