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Four-in-one dilution solution

07 March 2013

TASKI Sani washroom cleaning products (Sani Des, Sani Cid, Sani 100 and Sani Calc) can now be supplied for the advanced new QuattroSelect four-in-one dilution system from Diversey

TASKI Sani washroom cleaning products (Sani Des, Sani Cid, Sani 100 and Sani Calc) can now be supplied for the advanced new QuattroSelect four-in-one dilution system from Diversey

The new combination of products and dilution system is suited to large sites with extensive washroom facilities and centralised cleaning operations where efficiency, consistency, sustainability and low overall cost in use are key requirements.

The QuattroSelect cabinet accommodates four concentrated products which can be chosen from an extensive range for washroom, hard surface and floor cleaning. In this way users can dedicate a QuattroSelect cabinet to washroom operations or configure it with any combination of products from the available ranges for complete flexibility.

Each product can be dispensed in different dilution ratios for filling any combination of trigger spray bottles at low flow rates and buckets and cleaning machines such as scrubber dryers at high flow rates.

Predetermined amounts of product and water are mixed automatically to deliver 100% accurate dilution into the chosen bottle, bucket or machine.This eliminates product wastage and promotes consistent cleaning performance because there is no under - or overdosing.The result is excellent cleaning results and complete control over cost-in-use.

Pump action Spray bottles are filled from a dispenser mounted in a recess in the front of the cabinet while buckets and cleaning machines are filled using 'petrol pump' hose-and-gun attachments connected to the main unit. Cleaning productivity is further maximised because spray bottles, buckets and scrubber dryers are filled at the optimum rate to reduce waiting times.The unit can be reconfigured for different products and dilution rates on-site without tools.The cabinet doors are lockable for enhanced security and user safety.

The TASKI Sani range is a complete set of cleaning products for bathrooms and washrooms that delivers the high levels of cleanliness and hygiene demanded for these areas.The range includes powerful toilet cleaners, general washroom detergents, disinfectants, descalers, and speciality products offering total hygiene for routine cleaning tasks. Each has been specially formulated for a particular task to ensure that cleaning professionals achieve the best results in every application.

Safe and sustainable Like all concentrates, the TASKI Sani products minimise product wastage and ensure correct strength for optimum cleaning performance when used with an appropriate dilution system such as QuattroSelect.They reduce or eliminate the risks associated with handling chemicals because they are used in closed formats which prevent users from coming into contact with undiluted product.

They are also the best for sustainability as they generally require less packaging, which utilises fewer raw materials and lowers recycling or disposal costs.Water is added only at the point of use which minimises supply chain costs and chemical miles.

For example, each TASKI Sani pouch used with QuattroSelect utilises just 50g of EU-approved mixed plastics and contains product equivalent to two fivelitre containers of standard concentrate or 167 standard trigger bottles.

This means that each kilogram of packaging contains the equivalent cleaning product to 7kg of conventional five litre concentrate containers and 246kg of ready to use trigger bottle containers.

Ultimately this also means there is less packaging to dispose or recycle.