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New chair of CHSA Accreditation Schemes

28 June 2024

NICKY BIGGART, Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) council member and UK & European sales manager at Evans Vanodine has been elected chair of the CHSA Accreditation Schemes.

The CHSA Accreditation Schemes maintain standards in the cleaning and hygiene industry, guaranteeing ‘what’s on the box is what’s in the box’. As chair of these Schemes, Nicky will work closely with the Independent Inspector to manage the inspection process and make sure members comply with the Scheme standards. Reporting to the CHSA’s Governing Council, Nicky will also lead the evolution of the Schemes to ensure they reflect the changes in the market. 

Lorcan Mekitarian, chair of the CHSA said: “We are delighted Nicky has taken on the important role of chair of our Accreditation Schemes. She understands buyers and end users need standards and regulations to be certain they get what they pay for and is committed to both maintaining the integrity of the Schemes and spreading the word about their value. It’s no surprise her election was unanimous.” 

Nicky’s career began at Swallow Hotels, on the company’s graduate programme. She moved to John Deas & Company, the independent distributor that served the hospitality sector before joining Peter Grant Papers (now Northwood Hygiene Products) and then SCA (now Essity). Today she is UK & European sales manager for the professional hygiene division at chemicals manufacturer, Evans Vanodine.   

Explaining her decision to become chair of the CHSA’s Accreditation Schemes, Nicky said: “In the cleaning chemical sector we are seeing new entrants suggesting regulations are not necessary and restrict innovation. Without them, however, there is no guarantee the products will work or are safe to use. This trend has strengthened my long-standing commitment to standards. The CHSA’s Accreditation Schemes have made a significant contribution to standards in our industry, and I am delighted to play my role in taking them forward.” 

The CHSA has six Accreditation Schemes: 

  • Accredited Manufacturers of soft tissue guarantee the dimensions and count of every product and other required information is as indicated on the label.  
  • Accredited Manufacturers of plastic sacks guarantee they are fit for purpose and the dimensions and count and other required information are as indicated on the label.   
  • Accredited Manufacturers of cotton mops guarantee the weight, absorbency and, where relevant, the cotton content. They also guarantee the dimensions and count, and other required information are as indicated on the label. The dimensions and count of all ancillary products are also covered by the Scheme.  
  • Accredited Manufacturers of cleaning and hygiene chemicals guarantee the product volume and other required information is as specified on the label and fully supported by relevant test data. In addition, they guarantee the containers and plastic bottles holding the chemical products are recyclable.  
  • Accredited General Manufacturers have signed the CHSA’s Code of Practice.  
  • Accredited Distributors have committed to buy cleaning and hygiene products from a CHSA Accredited Manufacturer or product that conforms to the relevant Scheme standard. They also guarantee cleaning and hygiene products not covered by a CHSA Accreditation Scheme for Manufacturers conform to the clear and rigorous commitments within the Code of Practice.    

Every CHSA member has also signed the CHSA’s Code of Practice, which includes the Competition and Markets Authority’s Green Claims Code. The combination of the Code of Practice and Accreditation Schemes guarantee CHSA members:   

  • Trade ethically and sustainably;  
  • Provide quality, fit for purpose products; and  
  • Make sure what’s on the box is what’s in the box.  

  For more information visit​ www.chsa.co.uk