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Veriforce CHAS urges businesses to support good mental health

16 January 2024

VERIFORCE CHAS, the supply chain risk management expert, is encouraging employers to make a habit of addressing mental health in 2024 as new figures indicate that stress, depression or anxiety now account for almost half (49%) of all cases of work-related ill health.

According to the latest data from the HSE, during the 2022/23 period, approximately 875,000 workers experienced work-related stress, depression, or anxiety, resulting in 2,590 cases per 100,000 workers and an estimated loss of 17.1 million working days.

Underscoring the need for businesses to proactively address mental health concerns in 2024, Veriforce CHAS Managing Director Ian McKinnon comments: "The latest HSE statistics on workplace ill health shows mental health issues continue to loom large, 

which is why we are encouraging businesses to make a habit of addressing mental health in the coming year. 

“We urge businesses who haven't already done so to sign the Causeway mental health pledge and commit to promoting good mental health as a routine part of their business operations.” 

The good news is that there are a range of free workplace mental health resources that can support businesses in this aim. Find out more in the Veriforce CHAS FREE Mental Health Resources Guide for Businesses


Prepare for new standard

Taking action around mental health now will help businesses prepare for a future where mental health assessments become a standard component of the prequalification process. 

Veriforce CHAS is working to contribute to this shift by launching a dedicated mental health accreditation in 2024. This initiative aims to set benchmarks for how businesses and their supply chains address mental health, fostering a healthier and more supportive work environment.

Ian adds: "At Veriforce CHAS, we have a long history of setting compliance benchmarks and raising health & safety standards, and we are resolved to use this influence to drive improvements in workplace mental health in 2024 and beyond.”  

Find out more about CHAS at: http://www.chas.co.uk/ or call 0345 521 9111.