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Managing multiple supply-chain risks

25 May 2022

A NEW compliance system is enabling buyers and suppliers to demonstrate their regulatory compliance around health and safety, environmental issues, modern slavery, diversity, equality and inclusion.

As supply chains become increasingly global and complex, the risk of compliance breaches is also on the rise. Supply chain risk management specialist, CHAS, has introduced CHAS Elite, which it says provides buyers and suppliers with assurance that they are meeting the highest standards for health and safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility, with assessment against an increased range of associated risk categories. With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, CHAS Elite makes it easy for organisations to identify and manage risks across their supply chain.

CHAS Elite is constantly updated with the latest changes in regulations, enabling organisations to identify potential risks early on and take steps to mitigate them before they become damaging or disruptive.

CHAS managing director, Ian McKinnon said: “We believe that CHAS Elite has the potential to transform how businesses approach supply chain risk management, enabling buyers and suppliers to demonstrate their compliance across a wider range of environmental, social and corporate governance regulations in a single platform.

"By providing a comprehensive view of supplier performance, CHAS Elite is helping organisations to drive continuous improvement and ensure that their supply chains are compliant, efficient and reliable, whilst also enabling our community of more than 32,000 contractors to show they take their risk management responsibilities seriously.”

CHAS Elite builds on CHAS’s 25-year history of making Great Britain safer. Since CHAS’s launch, workplace fatalities have halved, and workplace accident rates have fallen by an estimated 220%. CHAS has also driven continual progress in supply chain management efficiency thanks to a commitment to promoting industry collaboration, including working with key industry bodies to develop standards, minimise duplication and reduce costs.

Ian McKinnon continued: “CHAS is once again setting the standard for supply chain risk management with a solution that helps businesses to identify risks early and take action to mitigate them, preventing disruptions and protecting their bottom line. Contact us today to join the many other industry-leading businesses taking advantage of CHAS’s free client services or find out how to become one of our trusted contractors to grow your business and your reputation.” 

For more information visit www.chas.co.uk or call 0345 521 9111