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High performance floor cleaning

24 February 2022

DUPLEX CLEANING Machines has been supplying high performance floor cleaning and steam cleaning equipment throughout the UK since 1987, providing customers with advanced cleaning solutions, and its knowledgeable and helpful staff have between them many years of experience in the cleaning industry.

The Duplex floor cleaning machine washes, mops, scrubs, dries, polishes and sanitizes all surfaces from slip-resistant safety floors and tiles to rubber, wood, vinyl, carpet and many more. It is available in both steam and standard models and with its contra-rotating cylindrical brushes, it produces an exceptionally thorough clean on all floor types and with its low use of cleaning chemicals and water it’s also good for the planet.

Although safety flooring can be amongst the most demanding types of flooring to clean and maintain the Duplex Steam models are especially effective and scrub deep into the crevices which help to give safety flooring its slip-resistant nature. In fact safety flooring manufacturer, Altro approve Duplex to clean their slip-resistant flooring. 

Also in the range are highly effective escalator cleaning machines. A clean smart escalator adds value to any business and can be one of the first things customers see upon entering a shopping centre or public building. As well as improving appearance, regular cleaning can keep maintenance costs of escalators down. Escalators should be cleaned regularly to avoid build-up of dirt, grime and grease which could otherwise soon lodge in the treads and cause damage. Duplex offers two choices for fast and efficient cleaning of escalators and travellators.

Does your facility have a problem with gum? If the answer is yes-then Duplex has the solution. We have developed a system to deal with the removal of chewing gum from most types of flooring. Our Gum Go range combines the use of high pressure steam, Gum Go detergent and a powerful vacuum to remove chewing gum in seconds ridding public spaces of sticky unsightly gum whilst operating at a fraction of the cost of most other methods and machines.

Duplex also supplies a wide range of multi-surface steam cleaning equipment from the entry level Jet Steam Professional, through the chemical-injected, vacumated Jet Vac Ultima and up to the three-phase industrial Steamtech 12000. These machines tackle a wide variety of cleaning tasks from curtain/upholstery/mattress cleaning, tile, grout and bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and de-greasing right up to industrial applications with low water usage making them not only efficient but also environmentally-friendly.

As a national company Duplex offers free on-site, covid-secure no obligation demonstrations throughout the UK and should you decide to purchase a Duplex machine, you will receive certificated installation and training and a friendly and efficient after sales service from our friendly and helpful team.

Tel: 01227 771276  www.duplex-cleaning.com info@duplex-cleaning.com