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The complete washroom deep clean using steam with the Matrix SV4

23 February 2022

NEVER HAS the need for regular deep cleaning of washrooms been more important than it is today. With thousands of individuals having the need to take a visit when nature calls, and then hand washing thoroughly before you leave, washrooms everywhere are taking a battering.

Staff work tirelessly maintaining on a daily basis and are ever present, and there to replenish soap and paper. The latest ‘dry’ steam machines can offer the versatility that every operator needs, says Mike Osiadacz, Sales Director of Matrix Cleaning Systems.

We have seen a growing increase in the application of steam for maintaining washroom hygiene, walking into a clean and fresh washroom environment is always a pleasant experience, but unfortunately, this is not a regular occurrence. When the hygiene standards fall, we remember that bad experience, and avoid re visiting. Using the SV4 steam machine from Matrix, powerful, robust and compact, every time you clean you are carrying out a ‘Deep Clean’ using clean steam at very high temperature ensuring that all surfaces are clean and free from bacteria.

From floor to ceiling and all sanitary surfaces can be cleaned using this powerful must have machine.

Combined with the long-proven, deep cleaning power of steam, it means modern ‘dry’ steam cleaning machines offer a highly cost-effective and versatile option for the all sector – and one that is also user-friendly and kinder to the environment. Steam cleaning is truly a chemical free sustainable cleaning method.

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