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Purevo Hygiene now servicing London

01 March 2022

PUREVO HYGIENE has teamed up with a sustainable logistics start up called Proxi to deliver eco cleaning solutions within the M25 on electric vehicles.

With fulfilment sites across London all Purevo Hygiene’s great products will be available on a same or next day delivery service totally emission free.

Purevo Hygiene has established itself over the last few years as the go to eco supplier in the cleaning industry supplying innovative brands such as Evie Blue and Evogen Professional to the cleaning market. Customers looking to improve their environmental impact, reduce plastics and solve water pollution issues turn to Purevo for product solutions.

Based in their head office in Eastbourne, Purevo Hygiene services the whole of the UK and Ireland with next day shipments but for the capitol London we felt there needed to be an extra level of service.  By collaborating with Proxi, Purevo Hygiene can provide a zero emissions high service level offering to all our customers in the city.

Find out you’ve run out of product on site in during the morning cleaning cycle? No issues at all, Purevo Hygiene can deliver up until 10pm that same day, we can even operate delivering at the weekends. This unparalleled service means our clients will never be without products when they need them, on demand and on time.
According to a customer, Consult Cleaning: “We work with Purevo Hygiene as it provides us the ultimate flexibility on time, if we run out of products we can be confident Purevo Hygiene will have it to us even the same day if we need it.  This saves wasted time driving round the city picking up urgent supplies!” 

Purevo Hygiene even makes the most wasteful products as environmentally friendly as they can be. By collaborating with ReWorked, Purevo Hygiene can provide recycling bins for all of the hard to recycle goods currently available, such as PPE, bio-plastics etc. These single use plastics are currently key to our recovery from the pandemic but putting them in traditional waste streams is particularly bad for our environment. If the waste goes to ReWorked its made into things such as construction materials etc and used again rather than going to landfill or incinerated!

If you’re using PPE in your business talk to us today about how we can make this totally circular and make sure the waste is used for something else!  We are passionate about our mantra REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE!

By leveraging the services provided by Proxi, Purevo Hygiene can make janitorial supplies totally sympathetic to the circular economy.  Providing waste collection services and eco products, by working with Purevo Hygiene customers can be sure they are doing the best they can for the environment by reducing waste and harmful materials.

If you’re looking to make your facility or cleaning business more eco friendly, contact Purevo Hygiene today on info@purevo.co.uk or visit www.purevo-hygiene.com where you can find eco product solutions that meet every need.