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Training is more important than ever 

28 June 2021

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to remember life before COVID struck. However as lockdown restrictions continue to relax and with a possible end in sight, Joanne Gilliard warns that life won’t just revert back to how it was pre-pandemic.

THE VIRUS has altered consumer behaviour and expectations to such a degree, that they will last long into the future. For example, end-users’ expectations of cleanliness and hygiene are higher than ever, consumers are practising hand hygiene much more frequently and thoroughly than before, and our industry is now recognised for the important role it plays in society. 

Due to this shift in attitudes and behaviour, standards will become much tighter. At a time when consumers are much more selective about where they spend their time and money – basing their decisions on hygiene levels – training can make all the difference.

Each sector will be presented with its own cleaning challenges, from food contamination in the catering industry and contamination in healthcare, to providing a safe and healthy shopping experience in the retail sphere. It is therefore critical to ensure that professional cleaning staff receive high quality and relevant training. 

A structured, practical, and methodical approach to learning helps employers to retain key staff and develop the skills and knowledge to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage. Most importantly, it also helps keep workers safe, because, contrary to popular opinion, cleaning is not an unskilled job. It can be hazardous and must be done properly to protect not only the wider public, but the staff themselves. 

For example, operatives working in areas where there are sharps (needles and other objects used to puncture the skin), must be trained how to manage them correctly, to reduce the risk of personal harm. Infection control is another area in which all staff should be knowledgeable, from protecting oneself whilst working with COVID-19 in general circulation, preventing it from spreading further, and knowing how to clean-up after a potential outbreak. 

A digital approach to learning
In the past, one of the biggest obstacles was that training simply wasn’t very accessible. However, as the world has become more digitised, so too has training. In fact, e-learning has become invaluable over the past year, when it has just not been practical (or safe) to attend courses, with the social distancing measures that have been in place.

Jangro offers an award-winning e-learning system, called the Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS). It has been accredited by the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Certification Service, which offers customers additional assurance that its training is relevant and of high quality.

Available to all of our customers and their employees, it covers a wide range of topics, with varying course lengths and users are able to train remotely at times that suit them. This allows cleaning operatives to dip in and out of short or longer sessions, making learning highly flexible and accessible. 

It is optimised for all devices and allows users to sign in with their social media log-ins, enabling even quicker and easier access to best practice and advice. It was recently enhanced with the addition of gold, silver, and bronze badges to help users track their progress and encourage them to complete more courses too.

Just some of the modules available are: Colour Coding & Infection Control, Health and Safety, Washroom Hygiene, Floor Care, and Kitchen Hygiene. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) is one of the most popular courses, and recently received an update to make it even more user friendly.

Of course, cleanliness has always been critical for commercial success, but never before have hygiene levels been scrutinised quite so intensely. In an age of social media, where negative comments can quickly tarnish a reputation, it has never been more important for establishments to build and maintain a good image. Empowering professional cleaning staff with high quality training will be key to keeping public spaces clean, hygienic and healthy. 

Joanne Gilliard is CEO of Jangro.

For more information visit https://www.jangro.net/