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Keeping facilities clean

23 March 2020

Andrew Farrell, sales manager for special projects at Makita takes a look at the various styles of vacuum cleaners that cleaning professionals and facilities managers should be aware of, and explains why cordless machines should always be the go-to solution. 

Although corded vacuums are effective, operators are restricted by the length of the power cable and location of power outlets, especially when working across large spaces such as offices or in high-to-low reach areas. With this in mind, cleaning professionals and facilities managers should opt for Makita’s cordless machines. 

Cleaning without the cord
The majority of Makita’s cordless vacuum cleaners utilise its LXT lithium-ion battery technology. With LXT included, these models offer the same power as corded alternatives, as well as a number of additional benefits for effortless, high-quality results. 

As LXT batteries have minimal self-discharge, operators can reliably store the vacuums, even for long periods, without the need for recharging at the next use. Furthermore, this type of battery doesn’t need to be discharged completely before re-charging and is designed so that all cells within the battery charge and discharge evenly. This keeps batteries working at their optimum for longer and reduces the battery charge times. 

Makita has also optimised the battery charging process. The charger communicates with the battery’s built-in CPU throughout the charging process to optimise battery life by actively controlling current, voltage and temperature. Makita’s LXT batteries can be charged in as little as 22minutes (for 3.Ah batteries), up to 55minutes (for 6.0Ah batteries) – minimising disruption and delays to operators and improving their efficiency as a result. 

A vacuum for every job
There are a number of different cordless vacuum variations available, to suit a wide range of applications. Makita’s stick-vacs are suitable for smaller premises, such as domestic properties and small offices. With no power cable to worry about, operators can work flexibly with increased freedom to move around the site. Models powered by Makita’s LXT technology, such as the DCL180Z and DCL280FZ, provide operators further benefit and reliability with extended run times and reduced charge times. The slim design of these vacuums requires minimal storage space and enables operators to access narrow and hard-to-reach areas.

The DCL280FZ, DCL280FZW and DCL282FZ also benefit from the inclusion of Makita’s brushless motor. Due to their design, brushless motors include fewer moving parts – this results in less friction within the motor and reduces wear and tear. Run times are therefore increased and the need for replacement parts and repair work is minimised. 

A range of vacuums is also available that utilises Compact Extreme Technology (CXT) technology. The CL070DZ, CL106FDZ, CL106FDZW and CL108FDZ are all included in the CXT range of 12V machines and are designed to be smaller and lighter than LXT alternatives. CXT models feature a 12V lithium-ion slide battery, that fits into the tools and has the same high level of structural strength, as well as having built-in protection to prevent overload or over discharging. The 12V batteries have charge times of between 22minutes (1.5Ah) and 60minutes (4.0Ah). 

In addition to its range of stick-vacs, Makita also offers a selection of backpack models – including the DVC261ZX11 and DVC265ZXU. For wide coverage and increased productivity, these machines utilise two of Makita’s 18V LXT batteries, which work in series to supply energy to the powerful 36V motor drive system. The DVC261ZX11 and DVC265ZXU are therefore ideal for trains, buses, planes, or larger premises such as offices, cinemas, larger domestic properties and care homes. With two 18V batteries, operators can continue to work for longer – and still experience the benefits of LXT and a brushless motor. 

Recently, Makita launched its cyclone attachments, which are compatible with Makita’s cordless vacuum range. The cyclone attachments produce a powerful cyclonic action, which captures up to 90% of dust particles before they enter the main canister or dust bag. This increases the longevity of the filter and means operators don’t need to empty the cannister or dust bag as often, maximising productivity. 

For automated commercial cleaning, the Makita DRC200Z robotic cleaner is also an option. It removes the need for lifting and can work freely while you attend to other jobs, saving time and effort. With a brushless motor engineered for extended run time and longer tool life, the vacuum cleans approximately 5,380 square feet using two 18V LXT 5.0Ah batteries. It has two automatic running modes (random & pattern) and a buzzer and blinking light to make nearby workers aware of its location. The large 2.5L dust capacity is ideal for commercial applications.

Makita has a wide range of vacuum cleaners, meaning cleaning professionals and facilities managers can find a product suitable for every application.