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Welsh council uses refuse sacks manufactured from recycled polythene

03 March 2020

Berry bpi recycled products is celebrating after winning a major contract to supply a Welsh local authority with 14 million blue recycling sacks made from 84% recycled polythene.

The UK-based refuse sack manufacturer started supplying Carmarthenshire County Council with the sacks between September and December 2019, giving residents a green alternative for disposing of items destined to be recycled, such as plastic bottles, paper and tin cans.

Each household was given three rolls of sacks to last them a whole year.

Sales director, Lorcan Mekitarian said the deal shows the local authority is taking its environmental commitment seriously. “By using our high-quality refuse sacks, all made in the UK using waste polythene that would otherwise have been exported, Carmarthen is giving its residents a great green alternative to what was previously supplied,” he said.

“Not only are we able to deliver great value for money, but we can provide councils with peace of mind that the bags they are using are made from recycled content sourced from within the UK and processed in Derbyshire at our EA accredited facility, which also boasts Zero Waste to Landfill.”

The refuse sacks are made from waste polythene which originates from transit packaging used by supermarkets to keep their goods clean and secure during transit. Berry bpi recycled products processes the used material firstly by shredding it into small flakes which then go through a wash process to remove paper labels and other non-target materials before finally melted into granules.

“We’re proud to be helping the UK deal with its own waste challenges – taking material that would have either ended up in landfill or being exported to countries with poor environmental standards, and turning it into a high quality product,” added Mekitarian.

As well as manufacturing more than 30 million refuse sacks every week, Berry bpi recycled products is one of Europe’s largest recycler of waste polythene film.
The company has also achieved zero waste to landfill certification at four of its five UK plastics recycling sites as it continues to push the circular agenda.