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Hygienic hand washing is vital for food preparation and handling.

21 January 2020

Teal handwash units offer retailers a proven, portable system to avoid cross-contamination and meet the most exacting requirements of environmental health officers.

One of the challenges facing retailers can be access to fixed plumbed-in sinks, close the site of good preparation or point of sale. This has been highlighted with the growth of farm shops and, in the last 10 years, the expansion of street food that is now driving innovation in food choice.

Gels or hand sanitisers are popular but medical experts are united in their stance that traditional hand washing with soap and water is far more effective. The trouble arises when users neglect traditional handwashing in favour of the alcohol-based products.

Washing properly with soap and water can rid your hands of germs, it washes them away and with food preparation this does allow the skin to be cleared of any food residue.

The Teal range of portable sinks offer a convenient, hygienic solution for businesses, that can be placed at point of need without the need for fixed plumbing supply or waste.

Burrow Farm Shop in Devon needed a sink close to the deli counter and the fresh meat counter to allow staff to wash their hands, hygienically when serving customers. The problem was that there wasn’t easy access to existing plumbing.

Sally Grigg, owner explained: “At the shop we stock a wide range of fresh local meat including our own farm-reared and award-winning Red Ruby Devon beef, local pork, lamb and chicken. We also have a fresh deli counter with our handmade produce and a wide selection of cold meats and cheese. We needed high quality hand washing facilities for staff to wash their hands as they move between the counters to serve customers.”

Sally contacted Teal who were able to supply a sink that could be placed close to both counters, maintaining strict adherence to food safety regulations, and no plumbing was needed.

Sally continued: “The sink works really well, we can place it where we need it, we simply plug into a socket and it has a sensor that operates the warm water, so it is very quick and easy to use.”

The Teal range support businesses throughout the UK from street food suppliers, retailers, farmers’ markets, kiosks, outside catering and fast food outlets to ice cream vendors, coffee kiosks and sandwich bars.