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CMTV: Savona Ellipse Auto instructions

How to load the batteries and cartridge for the non-touch foam dispenser Savona Ellipse Auto.

The Savona Ellipse Auto range of dispensers provides an ultra hygienic solution for hand washing. Based on infra-red proximity technology combined with a fast dose delivery, this automatic soap dispenser delivers one of the most user-friendly no-touch soap dispensing experiences. The range encompasses two distinct versions – a foam soap and a liquid soap dispenser.

These units are particularly suited to hygiene sensitive environments and are compatible with various cartridge sizes as well as a direct-fill bottle. Thanks to its highly energy efficient electronic module, this soap dispenser takes just 2 individual D-Cell batteries to service up to 85 bottles of foam soap / 96 bottles of liquid soap, which means that your running costs are kept extremely low.

The dispensers are available with a selection of customized inserts or in Kennedy’s range of attractive finishes.


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