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How to market your business and win more work

30 August 2018

Creating a marketing plan for your cleaning business can seem like an overwhelming task, but following these three key rules could help maximise your success, and minimise any teething pains. Marketing business Digitool explains more

Make all your marketing measurable

You can easily put money aside for marketing, but how can you ensure it’s a worthwhile investment without measuring the outcomes? Whatever methods you choose to implement, ensure there is a way that you can capture how much Return On Investment (ROI) these bring you, and keep track of these.

Use methods known to give a strong ROI

Leafleting, a traditional method of marketing, has stood the test of time in the cleaning industry, and can give generous ROIs. What makes their use effective is the strategy in which you use them, as well as their content. Targeting key areas to leaflet (e.g. areas where you already have customers) will allow for multiple jobs to be undertaken within a close proximity, saving on travel time and expenses.

Adding genuine, local testimonials to your leaflets increases the chances of someone booking YOU. Are there any prominent local people that you can quote saying how fabulous your cleaning services are?

Digital efforts also tend to produce strong ROIs. Having an easy to navigate website with good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) increases your likelihood of being found by potential customers searching for your services. Kitting out your site with testimonials, pictures of previous jobs, and a blog showcasing your knowledge will also help get browsing customers onto the phone. Similarly, having a social media presence will establish your business as a trusted one, and provides you with more advertising and review platforms.

If used correctly, Google AdWords is a great way of getting your website to the top of Google and in front of customers looking for cleaning services in your area.

Across any marketing method, you’ll want to be establishing your brand. In a market as saturated as the cleaning sector, standing out is key, and keeping your branding consistent is imperative. So, what is it about your business that you’re selling? Is it your personality, values, specials, quality of your product? Defining your Unique Selling Points (USP) will really help you market yourself as a cut above the rest.

Maximise your marketing efforts

When you’ve gone to all the effort of gaining a customer, it makes sense to see them as your advocates and make use of them in getting you more customers. 

Referral programmes are an excellent way to both reward your pre-existing customer for their loyalty, and gain a new customer. There are many referral strategies out there, it’s merely a case of finding what works for you. Mind that you implement a system which allows you to keep track of who is referring you, and how often; you may want to give higher rewards to those who are frequently earning you new business.

Secondly, persuading customers to leave you a review on a platform  of your choice strengthens potential customers’ trust in your professionalism. Reviews are a significant factor in the customer decision process, and businesses with numerous positive reviews are more likely to be ‘found’ by those searching for your services online. Make the review process as easy as possible. Small things such as emailing a customer the day after you’ve completed a job asking for a review, and including links to your review page where necessary, will help encourage customers to leave reviews. 

Marketing your business is an ongoing process that requires reviewing and tweaking as the market and trends evolve. Being proactive in reviewing how things are going and what’s working allows you to bring the best returns as possible. Always start with something manageable, and take on more projects as you gain confidence and your business expands.

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