Prevention is better than cure

05 May 2020

Companies should offer their employees infection prevention and control training to help reduce the spread of infections in the workplace. Not only is it good hygiene practice, it can also help businesses reduce the impact of sickness absence.

As a market-leading provider of workplace eLearning, iHASCO’s Infection Prevention and Control training course has seen a major visual update. Improvements include the use of superior graphics and animations, alongside a tidied up script to deliver the course in 40 minutes and it’s CPD approved.

It looks at types of infections, how they spread and who’s at risk. It considers what you can do to prevent the spread of infections, including hand washing, using PPE appropriately, disposing of waste safely and keeping your environment clean. 

This course is relevant to every industry in the UK, be it education, retail, care or an office environment. Businesses and individuals have an important role in preventing the spread of infection, as well as a duty as it falls under health and safety at work. Highlighting its importance now and into the future will be to the benefit of all.