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Suspended ceiling in O2 retail development

24 June 2019

A stunning new suspended installation in the O2’s new retail development, the Designer Outlet Village, has been created and installed by Base Structures.

Using more than 4,700 white aluminium sheets and 5,300 discs suspended from a high-tension stainless-steel net to create the effect of hanging petals, the installation complements the already impressive dome shaped O2.

Laminate columns create the impression of ‘trunks' with the net strung out between these to create a ‘canopy’ effect. The whole structure was designed, fabricated and put up in just 11 weeks.

Andy Traynor, director of Base Structures, said: “This is a perfect example of how being creative in design and construction can bring atmosphere and excitement to a space many of us are already familiar with.

“With the face of retail changing and people demanding more from their shopping experiences and retail owners wanting to develop 'destinations’, we believe this shows how thinking differently and using creative solutions can transform a space,” he added.

The need for engaging, decorative experiences in shopping centres, work environments and municipal centres is increasing as people interact with these spaces in different ways. Base Structures have experience working at height and with large art installations, museums, shopping centres, exhibitions and gallery spaces.