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New personal protective equipment bin

15 September 2020

LEAFIELD ENVIRONMENTAL has designed a NEW EnviroGo bin to collect personal protective equipment (PPE) during these unprecedented times. The new designated PPE bin will prevent gloves and face masks contaminating other recycling bins that collect materials that can be recycled including paper cups, plastics, aluminium cans or paper.

Following recent government guidance, businesses are now being recommended to provide more bins for disposal of personal protective equipment in the workplace.

The new EnviroGo PPE bin features a blue open aperture, blue PPE label, grey body and A3 signage kit including poster. Its slimline design makes it ideal for corridors, receptions or next to existing waste collection points. It is suitable for internal use and can hold up to 90 litres of PPE waste. It has a front moulded handle and non-marking wheels for easy manoeuvre. Features a tilted sack frame for quick and safe bin maintenance. The standard model has a grey body, blue PPE label and signage kit. Bespoke colours and labels are available upon request.

It is made from UV stabilised medium density moulded polyethylene (MDPE) and is manufactured at Leafield Environmental’s manufacturing facility in Corsham in Wiltshire.

Dimensions: H:974mm, W:600mm & D:355mm.
The EnviroGo PPE bin costs £195.00 (ex.VAT).

The NEW EnviroGo PPE bin can be manufactured with an antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of microbes by up to 99.9%*. The Biomaster antimicrobial additive is added during Leafield’s manufacturing process and is dispersed throughout the entire bin. It is durable, it will not wash off and will last its active lifetime. Tested on over 50 different bacteria species in over 2,000 applications. It has been proven to remove over 80% of bacteria in as little as 15 minutes.

The NEW EnviroGO PPE was designed to collect personal protective equipment only. This should prevent the contamination of PPE in other recycling bins.
Leafield Environmental can now manufacture all of their internal recycling bins and external litter bins with an antimicrobial additive and is available upon request.
* Tested by Europe’s top independent microbiology laboratories to ISO 22196:2011.

For more information on Leafield’s NEW EnviroGo PPE bin call Leafield Environmental on 01225 816541, email recycle@leafieldenv.com or visit www.leafieldrecycle.com for more information.