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Essity’s new software is a game-changer in cleaning

08 October 2019

New from Tork is a cleaning management software solution claimed to be the most advanced on the market.

Digital Cleaning Plans make life easier for the cleaner while empowering facility managers with better reporting and enhanced control. And the software will be a game-changer for the industry, claims Essity.

“Digital Cleaning Plans are a simple solution to a major headache for cleaning managers: how to keep track of what needs to be done and ensure that all tasks are completed without anything being overlooked,” says Essity UK Sales Director Nathan Titheridge.

“Many cleaning companies currently use paper plans and reports to map out their cleaning rounds. We are helping them move from an analogue world to the digital age and make their operations much more efficient because tasks and reports will be logged immediately and all monitoring will be instant.” 

He says the software will give cleaning managers the tools they need to take control of their operations and to use their time and resources in smarter ways. “Digital Cleaning Plans are an industry game-changer and the next big thing in cleaning,” said Nathan.

The software includes functions for planning, communication, administration and follow-up and can be used by both mid-size and small-scale companies. Digital Cleaning Plans also simplify the introduction of new staff and handovers between staff members.  

Essity already offers one data-driven cleaning solution – Tork EasyCube  – which enables cleaners and facility managers to check on washroom refills and monitor washroom traffic via a smartphone or tablet. This is growing rapidly and has been installed in airports, theme parks, retail centres, offices and other facilities throughout the world.

“Digital Cleaning Plans are Essity’s first venture into the software industry and signing up is easy,” said Nathan. “Customers simply need to register via the Tork website to gain instant access to a free version of the software with functionality in up to 30 locations.”

This allows customers to discover the value of Digital Cleaning Plans without paying anything up front, says Nathan.

“We expect a large number of free sign-ups at first, but as customers see the huge benefits of the software they will be keen to move on to the enhanced version which offers more locations and a higher level of functionality,” he said.

“With the launch of Digital Cleaning Plans, Essity will become the first and only company to ensure that the proven benefits of digital cleaning are made easily available to the whole cleaning sector.”

He claims cleaning companies are crying out for innovations they can pass on to customers. “Digital Cleaning Plans deliver on this while also making life easier for the cleaner and cleaning manager,” he said. “We are expecting the software to be massively popular.”

For more information or to sign up, go to: https://www.tork.co.uk/services/digital-cleaning-plan