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How to source a cleaning partner

05 February 2021

WHETHER THIS is your first time looking for a cleaning provider, or you’re preparing to transfer from an incumbent into a new contract, there are a few things to consider to ensure you end up working with a like minded partner who shares your business values and will meet your needs.

1. Be honest with your expectations 

The key to getting the most out of your new cleaning provider is to start with yourself; be completely honest about what you expect from your supplier. Be clear about what, how, when, where and why you want your service delivered.

Then, be realistic about what this might cost. Set yourself a budget, think about what your priorities are and be prepared to discuss this frankly with the companies you approach or invite to tender. 

If you’re upfront at the start of a new relationship, there’s no wriggle room for under-delivery and a provider can’t grumble at what they quoted for the work. 

2. Look at how the company treats its people

Just as you’d expect your team to benefit from the cleaning service being delivered, so too should the people doing-the-do. 

Often in the cleaning industry, employees are seen as a commodity rather than as individuals who contribute to the overall business offering. Dig deep into how the companies tendering for your work treats its people because what you find out at this stage will tell you everything you need to know about its values when it comes to diversity, flexible working and retention.

Find a provider who sees every member of its team as a vital part of their offering. 

3. See cleaning as a skilled labour force

There’s a major skills shortage in the cleaning, so you want to be sure you’re working with a company that nurtures and retains talent. 

Find a provider who doesn’t see its team as ‘just’ cleaners. To provide true benefit to clients, cleaning providers should continually train their workforce to ensure they are multiskilled and therefore able to offer more to the customer and overall deliver. 

For example, we give our window cleaners electronics training. And vice versa. In turn, they are more reactive and can problem solve outside of their usual remit. As a result, we have a proud, productive workforce who are willing to go the extra mile. 

4. Prioritise flexibility 

Covid-19 has taught us that the whole world can change quickly. As such, identify a cleaning provider that can be flexible around your changing business needs. 
Flexibility in their approach, and an agreed service delivery that can scale up and down on demand, will enable you to focus on the running of your business, while they adapt on your behalf. 

5. Trial the tech

Transparent data and analytics increases trust and reliability in the cleaning sector. Using reporting to identify what’s been done well and what could be improved upon next time lead to stronger relations and better quality of delivery.

When sourcing a cleaning provider, ask to see examples of technology they use to report back on their SLAs and KPIs so you can establish whether it will offer the clarity you require.  

Your cleaning supplier is integral to your brand image, the wellbeing of your staff and to your future success – so sourcing the right partner requires a methodical, strategic approach. 

Unify goes above and beyond the normal level of service and we put people before profits – so if that sounds like a good business to work with, we’re here to get started. 

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