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Tork EasyCube improves cleaning efficiency for Unilever

13 June 2018

Tork EasyCube has helped global consumer goods company Unilever to significantly improve cleaning efficiency at its Hamburg headquarters.

The multinational has cut the number of daily cleaning rounds at its offices by 25 per cent since installing Tork EasyCube. And the system has also led to happier cleaners, better-stocked washrooms and enhanced user satisfaction.

The company’s nine-storey Hamburg office building has received awards for sustainability and innovative design. But maintaining high standards of cleaning is a daily challenge in such a busy office where the washrooms are used by up to 5,000 people on an average weekday.

However, since installing more than 260 connected Tork EasyCube devices throughout its offices Unilever has managed to cut the number of cleaning rounds from 90 to 68 per day. And the company reports that its cleaners are less stressed now they have the assurance that soap, towel and toilet paper supplies will be available 100 per cent of the time.

Sodexo holds the contract to clean the 38,000 sq m Unilever building. “As a leading facility management company we are always looking for innovations that optimise our services and increase our clients’ quality of life,” said head of cleaning and infrastructure at Sodexo Marc Mrotzek. “Tork EasyCube has enabled us to both improve customer satisfaction levels and increase our efficiency.”

Tork EasyCube is a facilities management software that uses sensors placed in washroom dispensers and on doors to monitor refill levels and visitor traffic. This enables staff to check remotely via a tablet or smartphone when a dispenser runs out or when user traffic is particularly high –a factor that could indicate that a maintenance check is required.

“Our top priority is to ensure that our facilities meet the highest standards for our employees,” said Rainer Ringler from Unilever’s workplace services. “With Tork EasyCube we have achieved this goal and met other efficiency targets. Our expectations have definitely been exceeded.” 

By reducing the number of cleaning rounds from 90 to 68 the company has been able to free up cleaning staff for other tasks, allowing them to provide a better service for customers.

“Thanks to real-time data on cleaning requirements we can now make our cleaning routes more efficient,” said Sodexo’s site manager for Unilever Christiane Doms. “In this way we not only avoid unnecessary inspections, we also stay one step ahead thanks to needs-based cleaning.

“We now only receive positive feedback on the washrooms and have been able to achieve all our set targets.”

Tork EasyCube has been installed in more than 80 facilities globally including airports, retail complexes, offices, healthcare facilities and amusement parks.

A new Value Quantification Tool is now available to allow potential clients to calculate exactly how much they could save by using the facility management software. The tool can be accessed at: www.tork.co.uk/easycube/