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Bio-Productions is an award-winning industry leader, manufacturing cleaning and hygiene products for professional use.

26 April 2018

Using biological technology, we have produced award-winning cleaning chemicals since 1986, when we developed the first user-friendly, enzyme-based drain unblocker for the agricultural industry.

Since then, we have continued to lead the field with Bio Dose, Bio Clear Drain and greasetrap maintainers suited to septic tank systems and water treatment facilities.

We specialise in problem-solving solutions that combine sympathy for our environment with first-class quality. All our products undergo rigorous testing to minimise their impact on the environment and are proven to work as effectively as - or better than - conventional harsh chemicals.

Our Citra Clean cleaner and degreaser has been the industry leader for decades. Utilising natural orange solvents, its pH neutral formulation with quick-splitting technology means it is powerful enough to use in workshops, warehouse floors and garage forecourts and yet also suitable for gentle laundry pre-spotting, with dilutions up to 200:1.

As proud British manufacturers, we supply a diverse array of cleaning products to customers across the UK and we also export to Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  Our products serve a variety of sectors, including healthcare, housekeeping, kitchen, laundry, floor care and more.

Our Biological Urinal Blocks and Blu Away Biological Washroom Cleaner optimise our enzyme technology for the washroom as well.

Over the years, Bio-Productions has won numerous awards for excellent service, unbeatable quality and ongoing innovation. We are the proud recipients of multiple “Green Apple” awards for Environmental Best Practice, in recognition of our efforts to reduce the impact of cleaning chemicals in the environment.

Bio-Productions is proud to be certified to ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 9001 (Quality management systems).