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Web tool helps customers assess the value of Tork EasyCube

11 April 2018

Installing Tork EasyCube can lead to big savings for customers - and manufacturer Essity can prove it.

A new Value Quantification Tool allows potential clients to calculate exactly how much they could save by installing connected devices and using the facility management software.

Tork EasyCube uses sensors placed in dispensers and on doors to monitor refill levels and visitor traffic. This enables staff to monitor areas or the facility remotely via a tablet or smartphone, allowing them to respond immediately when a problem occurs.

The Tork EasyCube Value Quantification tool uses algorithms based on quantitative research and documented customer cases to estimate how much facilities managers could save by installing and using the system. Calculations are made according to staffing figures, the number of dispensers on site and the average number of maintenance checks made during the working day. By keying in the number of cleaners and dispensers - plus the working hours and number of operational days per year – FMs can view their potential savings in a choice of seven currencies.

“The Tork EasyCube Value Quantification Tool demonstrates the huge value this system can offer,” said Product Manager Steve Palmer. ‘Not only does it dramatically reduce the number of maintenance checks required in each area, it also allows staff to plan ahead. A typical cleaning chart left on the back of a washroom door may indicate when the toilet has last been inspected and by whom, but it will provide no information whatsoever on washroom traffic or visitor trends.

“Tork EasyCube monitors the washroom on an ongoing basis so that staff can spot traffic patterns and predict where they are likely to be needed and when. And this allows them to plan their cleaning rounds more efficiently.”

Calculations made with the Tork EasyCube Value Quantification Tool are based on market research in conjunction with case studies developed with customers. Besides reducing labour costs, Tork EasyCube also frees up cleaners’ time to concentrate on other tasks such as cleaning surfaces and floors.

“The customer’s washroom experience will inevitably improve if the dispensers are kept topped up and cleanliness standards remain high,” said Steve. “And in our experience, customer complaints drop sharply where Tork EasyCube is installed. In fact customer satisfaction levels at one facility rose by 30 per cent after the system went live.”

The Tork EasyCube Value Quantification Tool can be accessed at: www.tork.co.uk/easycube/