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Businessman attacks Huddersfield council over cleaning

12 February 2018

A Huddersfield businessman has launched a scathing attack on a local councillor after he publicly complained about bottled water being used at Kirklees Council meetings. 

Charles Jones, of Jones Steel Ltd has said that local politicians should be focusing on the "horrendous waste tip" in the centre of Huddersfield instead of bottled water.

Green Party councillor Andrew Cooper recently hit headlines by filling a jug with town hall tap water rather than making use of bottled water which he claimed made more environmental and financial sense. 

In the wake of this Mr Jones stated: “This councillor and his two colleagues are responsible for the horrendous waste tip outside our office in Byram Court, which he makes us put up with every single working day of our lives. It is filthy and stinks – just a few yards from the multi-million St George’s Square.”

Mr Charles told local paper, the Huddersfield Examiner, that "there is a long-term solution and that is for the council to lock the gates on both sides into the courtyard and let the relevant shop owners have a key so the courtyard would be kept clean and safe.

“Instead, the council have left the gates open at one side. People come in and ‘shoot up’ or scavenge through the bins whenever they want.

“The councillors never ever come round to have a look. In my view, the councillors in Kirklees have the responsibility, but they don’t want to account for themselves. It’s just a bad joke.”