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Hire fleet in demand

08 September 2017

The past year has seen a lot of changes within the UK with the largest being Brexit. With this comes huge uncertainty as to what will change in our everyday lives, our cost of living and our country.

As a result Worldwide Cleaning Support has noticed big changes with its customers' spending - more and more are now hiring or leasing equipment.

The company explained: "We have seen a huge boom in the demand for our hire fleet especially being on the London border. And the number of customers taking up the opportunity to purchase on our finance plans are also on the rise. 

"We offer a wide variety of hire machinery for long or short term contracts. Some customers hire whilst their machines are in our workshop for repair; others because they want to try before they buy; and some just need to hire."

The company added: "We first saw leasing appear within the car industry and by storm so we thought why not introduce it into the cleaning industry? And since that day we haven’t looked back. We have many customers taking up the opportunity to buy a new machine but for bite sized monthly costs." 

Whether you want to hire, lease or just buy from Worldwide Cleaning Support, the company has something to suit everyone in the cleaning industry.