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A new lease of life

03 October 2016

Paul Lewis, managing director at Reintec, discusses the advantages of hiring cleaning machines over buying

There are a huge number of challenges involved in managing and maintaining facilities, but keeping floors clean can be one of the toughest. With flooring surfaces taking the brunt of the wear and tear for any building, you need high performance cleaning equipment to keep them looking their best. But managing a fleet of cleaning equipment can be incredibly time consuming.  

If you are going to own your equipment, you need to expend your capital to purchase it. You also need expert advice, technical service and maintenance support, a compliance management plan, and the time to manage it all. But is there an easier way? 

Over the last few years there’s been a growing trend for companies hiring their cleaning equipment fleet rather than buying it. There’s always been a strong hire industry for large plant and construction equipment, with companies like HSS Hire leading the way, but it’s only in recent years, when HSS established Reintec Cleaning Equipment Services, that hiring your cleaning equipment fleet became a viable option.

So why would you hire your cleaning equipment fleet rather than buy it? 

Fit for purpose

Well, everyone knows that build specification tends to vary, and that is a key consideration in deciding which products make it into ranges available to hire; equipment has to withstand multiple owners, locations and tough cleaning environments, so it has to be more robust than ‘off the shelf’ equipment that is available to purchase. Hired cleaning equipment must be fit for purpose, and getting that specification right at the time of manufacture is key to this. 

No upfront costs

In addition to the specification you have no upfront costs related to hire; and with tough economic conditions and a highly competitive marketplace, that is a really positive aspect for people making the switch; you just choose from a range of products to build your fleet, and your hire provider takes care of the rest. 


One of the key concerns for equipment managers is compliance, and keeping machines running in line with legal and CSR requirements can be hugely time consuming. But with rental, that’s taken care of for you. For example, all Reintec equipment is tested, serviced and maintained every six months by our national team of specialist engineers, and because of our 24 hour exchange model you don’t have any associated downtime, even in the event of breakdowns.


An equipment hire model gives you total flexibility, so if you’re busier and need additional machines you can add them, or if you need to reduce your fleet you can. You also have the option to trial new products first, so you get cutting edge cleaning equipment innovation without the upfront costs or commitment. 


More and more companies and industries are realising the benefits of hiring their cleaning equipment instead of buying it. Reintec equipment is currently mobilised in hospitals and care homes, banks and supermarkets, shopping centres, factories, and security critical environments such as airports. Different customers will prioritise different benefits from deploying a rental model but one element they will all agree on is that it saves them time. The time constraints involved with keeping equipment running and compliant, are completely lifted, and you get that worry taken care of completely. 

Cleaning equipment has the potential to unlock value in a tough environment, and while it may only be a small part of the overall spend, it can have real impact on your operations.