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Altro approves Duplex

16 June 2016

Duplex is an expert in the manufacture and supply of commercial high-performance cleaning machines, hand-built in Italy and recognised and trusted throughout Europe and globally.

Dedicated to ensuring that every machine provides advanced cleaning solutions, Duplex is said to offer the most simple and versatile solution for the thorough cleaning and drying of all types of floors. When you purchase a Duplex machine, the company says that you can rely on impressive cleaning power, build quality and ease of use.

The secret to its performance lies in its contra-rotating cylindrical brushes. This design produces a thorough clean on all floor types. The design includes thousands of bristles, strategically placed across twin brushes which rotate at 600 rpm. These effectively lift dirt, grime and water from the floor surface leaving it clean and dry.

When combined with steam the Duplex’s cleaning power is enhanced further still with the added benefit of sanitization and water saving, and even quicker drying times. 

When it comes to safety flooring, Altro provides high-performing, long lasting solutions where the risk of slips and trips must be minimised such as health and social care environments, leisure facilities and public buildings.

Until recently Altro had not approved any particular machine to clean their specialist slip-resistant  flooring. However, after carrying out tests, Altro approved Duplex steam floor cleaning machines for cleaning and maintaining Altro slip-resistant floor coverings without the need for chemicals.