A wee problem

12 October 2015

First impressions count and no more so than in the care home where the prospective customer is more than likely to be dissuaded from leaving a loved one in an environment blighted by urine contamination and associated odours.

Inevitably, these are a constant problem to healthcare domestic staff and contract cleaners alike.

The care industry normally specifies impervious-backed carpets, a type with a rubber or vinyl backing that means that body-fluid spills sinking into the carpet are ‘held’ at the backing level, preventing them from penetrating further. However, if not dealt with rapidly, the odour can dwell and be noticeable.

B153 Urine Neutraliser, from Prochem Europe's Professional Spotting Kit, will deodorise as well as neutralise odour. It has been specially designed to deal with urine contamination by attacking and neutralising the ammonia and uric crystals that cause the odours.


If used rapidly, it can also assist with preventing carpet staining damage. Capable of being used in all environments, including on hard surfaces such as urinals, this solution can be sprayed onto or (if it’s gone deeper) into the carpet to neutralise contamination. 

Specially blended to assist the healthcare market, B112 Neutra-Soft is a 4-in-1 carpet cleaner, deodoriser, urine contamination treatment and rinse. It can be used in any wet-cleanable carpet including wool (it carries the Woolsafe logo). Thanks to its multi-purpose function, the product is said to cut chemical budget by satisfying 90% of carpet care requirements in one go.

In some instances, the carpet or hard surface is linked to a virus or some sort of bacteria. In this case, the contractor needs to consider the use of a sanitiser such as D500 Microsan. Tested to and passing many rigorous European health tests, Microsan is suitable for dealing with viruses and bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and Hepatitis-B and can be used on multiple surfaces, from carpets to fabrics to hard floors as well as other hard surfaces.