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Stylish with a touch of silver

07 March 2013

Vectair Systems has unveiled 'a new generation of handcare dispensers' with the launch of Sanitex MVP

Vectair Systems has unveiled 'a new generation of handcare dispensers' with the launch of Sanitex MVP

Vectair Systems has launched the Sanitex MVP range of soap and surface cleaner dispensers that are stylish yet cost-effective and simple to operate and service.

Measuring less than 10cm in depth and operating with less than five pounds of force (lbf), the dispensers - both manual and automatic - are fully ADA compliant and come with a choice of disposable refill cartridges: luxury liquid or foam soap; foam or liquid anti-bacterial soap; anti-bacterial instant hand gel; and a spray surface cleaner which reduces harmful bacteria on hard surfaces.

The luxury and antibacterial soap options contain natural conditioners and moisturisers to ensure they are kind to the skin, and are dermatologically tested (PH 5.5). The instant hand gel is compliant with EN standards EN1040 and EN 12054, the surface cleaner is EN1276 compliant and the antibacterial soap EN 1040 compliant.

The cover of the manual dispenser incorporates Biomaster, a safe, effective silver ion-based antimicrobial technology which lasts for the lifetime of the product and has been proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99 per cent, says the company. It states Biomaster has been successfully tested on over 50 common organisms such as MRSA, E-coli and Salmonella.

Waste not want not Waste is minimised as the Sanitex pump delivers the optimum amount of product while the sealed refill cartridges reduce the risk of contamination sometimes associated with bulk fill dispensers. The backplate design covers most dispenser footprints for quick installation without the need to drill extra wall holes or make repairs.

'Every aspect of the Sanitex MVP range has been rigorously tested and monitored to ensure its trouble-free performance,' says Paul Wonnacott, Vectair Founder and MD. 'The most crucial component of the system, the integral pumps, are designed to withstand thousands of activations and have been subjected to a series of automated robotic tests before being printed with a unique identification number.' The dispensers are available in a choice of white, chrome or transparent windows.