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Campaigning for better hygiene

07 March 2013

Albany steps up its national campaign for improved hygiene

Albany steps up its national campaign for improved hygiene

Albany Hygiene Facilities'nation-wide campaign to improve awareness and knowledge of the importance of basic hygiene moves up a gear this summer.Albany will be taking part in major events promoting health and hygiene across Britain, such as the BACHE Conference during June for those responsible for cleaning in higher education, and regional meetings of the BIFM and other bodies.The major thrust remains towards education, from primary schools to universities.

Earlier this year, microbiologist and infectious disease expert,Dr. Ron Cutler, director of Biomedical Science at Queen Mary,University of London, and advisor to the Albany Healthy Schools Programme, reviewed current infection threats and how to manage them for an exclusive Association of Teachers and Lecturers Conference seminar. His presentation provided an insight into future trends and offered practical guidance to schools.

School hygiene has never been more important with organisms such as E. coli, norovirus and swine flu all posing a serious threat to a school's health every day.Thousands of school days are lost every year through avoidable illness.

Cutler's presentation also included the launch of findings from a recent pilot study of hygiene audits carried out in 20 schools, revealing gaps in hygiene needs, practical recommendations and possible solutions.

Hygiene education and management in schools and further and higher education are the most effective ways to break the chain of infection. By adopting measures to protect students and staff, hygiene education will ultimately reduce the number of school days lost each year due to avoidable illness.

"Starting hygiene education from a young age is important both to create a safer school environment and to establish a habit of hygiene. Learning appropriate hygiene practices, such as cleaning hands, can be a powerful way of reducing the risk of cross infection and helping combat viruses," comments Cutler.

Albany takes the view that there is a need in all key communities - education, medicine, social services, emergency services and commerce - to raise awareness of the need for improved hygiene and from it reduced risk of infection.

To help assess hygiene needs and risks,Albany is offering free hygiene audits throughout education and commerce.