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The best time to clean your gutters: A month-by-month guide for the UK

11 June 2024

CLEANING GUTTERS is a critical, yet often overlooked, aspect of home upkeep. For homeowners in the UK, understanding the right time to schedule these maintenance tasks can save substantial amounts of money and prevent potential damage to your property.

This comprehensive guide breaks down the optimal months to clean your gutters, ensuring that your home remains in prime condition throughout the year.

January: Assessing winter damage

Post-storm checks

After the harsh winter storms, January is a crucial month for checking your gutters for any ice damage or blockages formed by the freezing conditions.

Importance of timely inspections

Early detection of any cracks or splits can prevent leaks when the snow and ice begin to melt.

February: Preparing for spring showers

Clearing debris

February is an ideal time to clear your gutters of the debris accumulated during the winter months. This ensures they are ready to handle the spring rainfall efficiently.

Regular maintenance calls

Consider scheduling a professional inspection to ensure all aspects of your gutter system are functioning correctly.

March: Spring cleaning

Enhancing flow efficiency

As tree buds and blossoms begin to fall, they can quickly clog gutters. March is a good month to clear out any organic material that has begun to collect.

Gutter guard installation

If you haven’t already, fitting gutter guards can be a wise investment heading into the season of growth and renewal.

April: Mid-spring maintenance

Check for sagging and alignment

The additional rainfall in April can reveal previously unnoticed issues with gutter alignment or sagging sections caused by the winter’s burden.

Professional assessment

Having a professional examine your gutter system in April can help you address minor issues before they escalate.

May: Preparing for summer

Final spring clean

A thorough clean in May can prepare your gutters for the typically drier months ahead. It’s important to ensure that your gutters are free of spring debris.

Inspecting water flow

Test your gutters by running water through them to check for any misalignments or blockages that need addressing.

June: Mid-year check

Minimal maintenance required

With less debris from trees and generally lower rainfall, June usually requires minimal maintenance. This is a good time to ensure that your gutters are still in excellent condition following the previous months' cleans.

Visual inspections

A quick visual check can be sufficient unless there are signs of obvious damage or blockage.

July and August: Summer monitoring

Regular visual checks

During these drier months, maintain vigilance with regular visual checks as summer storms can quickly lead to blockages from accumulated dry leaves and twigs.

Pre-Autumn preparations

Late August is an opportune time to begin preparing for the autumn months, ensuring that your gutters are clear and ready for increased debris.

September: Beginning of autumn

Clear early autumn debris

With the onset of autumn, leaves begin to fall and can quickly clog your gutters. September is crucial for clearing these leaves early in the season.

Consider a professional clean

As the leaves begin to fall regularly, having a professional gutter clean can save time and ensure your gutters are thoroughly prepared for the coming months.

October: Peak leaf fall

Frequent cleaning

This month usually sees the heaviest leaf fall, making it essential to clean your gutters several times throughout October to prevent blockages.

Pre-winter check

It’s also a good time to have another professional assessment to prepare for winter conditions.

November: Late autumn adjustments

Last major clean

Before the onset of freezing temperatures, November is your last chance to ensure your gutters are clear of all autumn leaves.

Winter preparation

Ensuring your gutters are not only clean but also securely fastened and free from any potential leakage points is crucial before winter.

December: Early winter precautions

Gutter stability

Check the stability of your gutters as they begin to contend with the weight of winter snows and the build-up of ice.

Minimising ice dams

Clear gutters can prevent water from pooling and subsequently freezing into ice dams, which can cause extensive damage.


Routine gutter maintenance plays a vital role in the longevity of your home’s structure and integrity. By adhering to this month-by-month maintenance schedule, homeowners in the UK can protect their property from water damage effectively. Always consider the benefits of hiring a professional gutter maintenance company, especially for comprehensive checks and major cleans, to ensure expert care and peace of mind throughout the year.

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