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Guzzler mats vs rental mats

16 January 2024

SUPERIOR MANUFACTURING Group asks: "Rental entrance mats are seen as being more sustainable in comparison to buying entrance mats outright. But is it really more sustainable?"

Buying vs Renting? 

Renting mats and having them cleaned on a regular basis sounds like a better solution for sustainability and the environment. But how often are they collected, cleaning, and replaced? The environmental cost of having the mats collected to be taken away to be cleaned, where cleaning uses approximately 4 gallons of water each time depending on the size of the mat and how dirty it is, and then driving them back to the location to replace them quickly adds up. 

Buying Mats - The More Sustainable Choice

Buying mats and using them over a longer term is the more sustainable choice. A good quality mat being used in the correct way will far outlast a rental mat and save on water and transport costs. One of the popular choices for a good quality, highly durable mat is The Guzzler mat by Notrax. The Guzzler mats have been the mat of choice in countries and environments with very wet weather thanks to its superior water absorption, aggressive dirt-scraping capabilities and durable construction giving it a long service life. 

In the UK & Scandinavia especially, where the weather is particularly wet and the environment is especially a focal point, the Guzzler Mat by Notrax has played a large role in helping customers decrease their environmental impact whilst ensuring safe and clean entrances.

The Guzzler Mat vs Rental Mats

Water Absorption: Tufted vs. Needle-Punched

One key distinction lies in the manufacturing process. Guzzler Mats, with their tufted construction, have a distinct advantage in water absorption. The tufted design allows for optimal moisture retention – (5.8l per m2), making these mats highly effective in managing wet conditions. On the flip side, rental mats, often needle-punched, absorb less water compromising their ability to tackle the challenges posed by wet weather.

Quality Matters

Quality is a critical factor when choosing entrance mats, and Guzzler mats set a high standard. Rental mats are often poorer quality, translating into reduced durability and overall performance. In a climate where moisture and dirt are prevalent, the superiority of Guzzler mats becomes evident. It’s durable non-slip rubber backing, makes it hard wearing and built to last.

Sustainability in Material and Production

Guzzler Mats not only excel in performance but also in sustainability. The backing of the Notrax Guzzler mats has an impressive 68% recycled material content. This environmentally conscious choice aligns with the growing demand for sustainable solutions in today's conscious consumer landscape.

Environmental Impact Beyond the Mat

The sustainability story extends beyond the mats themselves. When considering the entire lifecycle—from collection to cleaning and delivery—rental mats reveal a significant environmental footprint. The process of collecting, transporting, cleaning, and redelivering rental mats contributes to increased CO2 emissions and water usage. In contrast, purchasing Guzzler entrance mats is a more environmentally friendly choice, as they are durable and eliminate the need for frequent collection and cleaning cycles. 

Durability for Long-Term Impact

Choosing Guzzler Mats isn't just an investment in superior performance; it's a commitment to long-term sustainability. Their durability ensures an extended lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements that contribute to environmental strain.

The choice between Guzzler mats and rental mats extends beyond functionality—it's a decision that impacts water absorption, quality, and the planet. For businesses seeking reliable, high-performance entrance mats with a green conscience, Guzzler mats prove to be the obvious choice.

If you’d like to know more about our Guzzler mats or see our full range of entrance matting solutions, please visit us at buyjustrite.eu