A new way to spray

26 October 2023

EVANS VANODINE has introduced the latest addition to its air care range, Air and Fabric Freshener, a high quality, liquid air and fabric freshener.

It contains naturally derived and renewable malodour technology, based on castor seed oil, making it ideal where persistent odours are a problem. It also has anti-soiling protection, meaning it can be used on carpets, fabrics and on upholstery with an extraction machine, to guard against potential staining and re-soiling.

Air and Fabric Freshener is delivered using Flairosol, a next generation solution for dispensing liquids, offering an alternative to aerosols, which is free from pressurised gases. Aerosols have been widely used within the cleaning industry since they were first invented in the 1920s, but, as they rely on a propellant to operate and are often flammable, they are no longer considered environmentally responsible. This method of spraying is also not considered a very sustainable solution, as it does not allow the entirety of the product to be dispersed, with some product often left in the canister, and most cannisters have no reusable aspect; they cannot be refilled or recycled, thereby creating waste. As part of its sustainability journey, Evans took the decision to move away from aerosols, in favour of a product which could be refilled and reused and, at the end of its life, recycled. Air and Fabric Freshener bottles can be refilled repeatedly, from the corresponding 5 L, and are fully recyclable. The Flairosol spray heads are reusable for up to 25 x 500 ml refills. Furthermore, the complete bottle is 15% lighter than most aerosol cans and the refill options mean 25% less transport space is required, reducing waste and emissions.

Air and Fabric Freshener uses Flairosol’s patented liquid dispensing technology to dispenses a fine, prolonged, liquid mist without the need for harmful gases. Unlike a standard trigger spray, the Flairosol spray has a 360o spray pattern, allowing for better performance and greater coverage of large areas. This method also leaves less residue in the container compared with aerosols, 2% verses 10-15%, meaning minimal product wastage and better value for money.

Air and Fabric Freshener is ideal for use in a variety of environments, including hospitality, leisure, education, healthcare and transport. The sleek, ergonomic design of the bottle means it is easy to handle and operate.  It is available in two unique, new fragrances: Fresh Cotton and Aloe, with notes of eucalyptus, amber and cucumber, and Midnight Rose and Oud, with notes of patchouli, jasmine and musk. Air and Fabric Freshener comes in 500 ml spray bottles, with 5 L refills for maximum economy and will replace Evans’ FRESH aerosols and liquid. The new bottles will feature the company’s newly rebranded ‘peel and reveal’, multi-language labels, helping to improve training and communication of health and safety information to a wider audience. 

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